The Elms Residential Care Home

The Elms Residential Care is a high-quality care home that meets the standards of the CQC and provides a variety of services for 37 residents in a specially designed building. The home is located in a peaceful rural area of Elms in South Tyneside, where it offers Dementia nursing, Dementia residential and General Residential care for both older and younger adults. The home is managed by a CQC registered manager who ensures the quality of care and service delivery. The home is also conveniently situated 5 minutes away from the Elms Metro station, with easy access to the motorway and public transport. There is also parking space for visitors on the premises.

At The Elms Residential Care, Residents can enjoy different lounge areas, which are furnished with comfortable and adaptive furniture. The bedrooms are well-equipped with specialist equipment such as baths and hoists to support the Residents’ needs and preferences. All bedrooms have locks for privacy and security. There are also double bedrooms for couples or for those who prefer to have more space and use the second bedroom as their living room. The home has grab rails along the corridors to help residents move around safely and independently. The home is also wheelchair-friendly and has infection control flooring and a lift to all floors. Residents are welcome to bring their pets to visit The Elms Residential Care. The Elms Residential Care has a dedicated staff team that works 24/7 to provide care and support to the Residents. The home has an electronic keypad system on all external doors to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the home. There is also a call bell system in every room so that Residents can call for help whenever they need it. The home has a beautiful, secure garden where Residents and their families can enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Our Residents enjoy a variety of delicious, nutritious and freshly prepared meals that suit their preferences and dietary requirements at The Elms Residential Care. Our chefs are experts in creating dishes that appeal to different tastes and cultures. The Elms Residential Care welcomes visitors at any time, whether they want to join their loved ones for a meal or spend some quality time with them. We also offer a hair and beauty salon and a lovely garden that is accessible for wheelchair users.

At The Elms Residential Care, we believe that quality of care is paramount and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment that enables our residents to live fully and well. We tailor our care to the individual needs and preferences of each resident, encouraging them to be active and engaged. Our staff are skilled and knowledgeable, and receive ongoing training and support. Our nurses are competent in administering prescribed medicines in line with procedures and NMC guidelines, as well as assessing and documenting all aspects of each resident’s care needs. Our nurses also lead and supervise a multidisciplinary team of trained senior carers and nursing assistants, who can also administer medication. All staff complete mandatory training and attend external training courses.

1. Our Aim

Our mission is to deliver high-quality care to all our service users, based on the best practices and standards of excellence in the field of care provision. We strive to ensure that our service users can experience and evaluate the quality of care in the home through our practice, conduct and control. We also uphold the core values of the home, which respect the dignity, autonomy and diversity of our service users.

2. Our Mission

It is our mission that our service users shall live in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment, and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities.  Staff will be responsive to the individual needs of service users and will provide the appropriate degree of care to assure the highest possible quality of life within the home. The providers achieve our mission by working hand in hand with the staff, families, and authorities.

3. Careers

Elms Residential Care Care home is a renowned Nursing, Dementia and Residential home in Elms that delivers high-quality care with the best staff. We value our ability to recruit and retain the most skilled and compassionate staff and our team is more united and harmonious as a result.

We offer competitive pay, holiday, and clear career progression as standard, but we also provide a priceless experience of our distinctive dignity and care culture. If you are interested in joining our team, whether you have extensive experience in the care sector or you are just beginning your journey, we would like to hear from you.

Just complete the form on this page, attaching a CV if possible and we will get back to you. It is possible that we do not have any vacancies at the moment, but we will gladly keep your details on file and contact you with future opportunities.

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Our goal is to provide a superior living experience

Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly home environment for all our residents. We make sure our care is tailored to every individual’s unique needs.

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