The Elms Residential Care Home

Our compassionate team of Qualified Nurses, Nursing assistants, senior careers, carers, and members of our wider support team such as catering, housekeeping, activities and administration is the core of the excellent care we offer at The Elms Residential Care Home.

Our registered manager, who is a qualified nurse, leads The Elms Residential Care Home and selects all our team members based on their values and their unwavering commitment to care for our residents with respect. We support and value them – making sure they are happy, feel appreciated and enjoy being part of our extended family.

We are proud of our employees who share our vision of providing positive and person-centred care to our residents. We appreciate staff who go above and beyond to enhance the care and services that our residents benefit from.

We strive to create a home-like environment for both our residents and our team members, which allows us to retain the best talent, acknowledge their contribution, and support their growth and development. This enables us to offer consistent and exceptional care, through people who share our values, receive ongoing training, support and recognition, and are competent and compassionate – knowing each resident as a unique person, and meeting their needs for happiness and well-being.

We are committed to providing high-quality care to our residents, and we value and support our staff who make this possible. We offer training opportunities and career advancement for those who excel in their roles. Our staff are the heart of our care home, and we only hire the most compassionate and dedicated people to join our team. We have a loyal and experienced workforce who always put our residents’ needs first. We uphold the principles of equality and diversity, and we are an equal-opportunity employer that does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour or religion. If you share our vision and passion for care, please apply.

1. Our Aim

Our mission is to deliver high-quality care to all our service users, based on the best practices and standards of excellence in the field of care provision. We strive to ensure that our service users can experience and evaluate the quality of care in the home through our practice, conduct and control. We also uphold the core values of the home, which respect the dignity, autonomy and diversity of our service users.

2. Our Mission

It is our mission that our service users shall live in a clean, comfortable, and safe environment, and be treated with respect and sensitivity to their individual needs and abilities.  Staff will be responsive to the individual needs of service users and will provide the appropriate degree of care to assure the highest possible quality of life within the home. The providers achieve our mission by working hand in hand with the staff, families, and authorities.

3. Our Values


Uphold each individual’s privacy so they may have undisturbed independent time when they wish.


Treat each individual honorably and without undermining them in order to maintain their dignity.


Treat people with the respect that we would like to be treated with.  Ensure an inclusive and enjoyable environment.


Embrace differences between one another, and respect an individual’s desires and wishes.


Where independence can be exercised encourage residents to act for themselves where capacity permits.


Provide the correct help and support to empower residents to express their own desires and wishes.


Create an environment where all staff and residents feel safe and secure.


Work with others who promote our values and mission to achieve shared goals.


We encourage friends and relatives to spend time with residents and to join in our community activities.

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Our goal is to provide a superior living experience

Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly home environment for all our residents. We make sure our care is tailored to every individual’s unique needs.

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